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November 03, 2020 3 min read

If you are here reading this article, I am very sure you are a Boba lover! There are probably thousands of different Boba flavor and topping combinations but somehow we always choose to order within our comfort zone. Next time you go to your favorite Boba tea shop, we encourage to get adventurous and order something different, something new. You never know, your all time favorite Boba tea flavor may just be around the corner. 

A couple of days ago, we stumbled upon an interesting thread on Twitter. A Twitter user @succdevon who works at a Boba tea shop in California had created a post titled: "What your favorite Boba tea says about you".

It had really interesting findings and and gave us laugh. We immediately started naming names whilst reading the articles. We picked the top 10 flavors and summarized his findings for you below:

  • Original milk tea - Chances are you are an ABG or one of those Asian guys that have a Supreme shoulder bag. Either way, you’re going to end up going to UC Irvine.
  • Taro milk tea - You’re probably pretty new to this whole Boba thing. Either that or you’re too scared to try anything else. Stop doubting yourself! Trust your instinct! Step out of your comfort zone!
  • Thai milk tea - You’re probably a soccer mom or you’re an Asian person who enjoys simple things. Either way, you gotta get something quick and cheap for your Boba fix and God knows you only got so much money to spare.
  • Jasmine milk tea - You are the softest of all Asian girls. We must protect you at any cost.
  • Hazelnut milk tea - You are a working-class person. You’re pretty mature mentally but soft on the inside. You stay on your grind but don't overwork yourself too often.
  • Brown sugar milk tea - You are a little fancy. You like adventure, but not too much. Commitment is scary but it’s okay! Don’t let anyone force you to choose.
  • Matcha milk tea - You want to be healthy, but do you really want to be healthy? You do all the right steps, read your horoscope, meditate to harness your chakra. If you are stressed but not enough to drastically change your lifestyle. This will do.
  • Coffee milk tea - You did not come to play around. You mean business. Probably going to be someone’s boss someday. Right now, you are stressed but you keep it behind a stern exterior. People are scared of you, deep down you are a big softie but right now, you got sh*t to do.
  • Oolong milk tea - Oh you are ASIAN Asian. Probably the artsy type, cute and quirky. You probably have terrible vision and don’t take care of yourself as well as you should be.
  • Any fruit/flavored teas - You like to live a little bit. Making people happy makes you happy. You’re impulsive and a little bit moody but hey, no one’s perfect!

So, tell me, which one is your favorite, and is it accurate? Then think about your Boba loving friends, do you remember what they usually order? Do you agree with what @succdevon’s had discovered? Have you ever done your own research?

Share this post with your friends, family and co-workers who falls under one of the flavors listed above.

Disclaimer: Boba Tribe doesn’t claim any credit for the research.

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