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Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set

Boba Straw Keyring Set

The last Boba straw you'll ever need


Single-use plastic straws suck. So do paper and most reusable straws. But finally, a reusable straw that doesn't. Introducing the Boba Straw, an innovative, compact & easy to clean straw designed for Boba tea lovers.

Innovative Ziplock design

100% leak & split proof 

Perfect for use on the go

Built-in Boba piercing tip

Food-grade Silicone & BPA free

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Loved by Thousands of Boba Lovers Worldwide 

Introducing the Boba Straw

Finally a Reusable Straw that doesn't SUCK

With the Boba Straw, you literally will never have to use plastic, paper or other not-so-great reusable straws EVER AGAIN! We make this easy by designing the Boba Straw to be portable, convenient to use and super easy to clean. And as an added bonus, it comes with a cute Boba Straw keyring case so you can use it wherever and whenever you want!

How the Boba Straw works

Open the Straw
Keyring case

Unroll & Squeeze the
Straw together

Poke a hole, Stir &
Enjoy your Boba tea!

Disconnect the Straw,
Rinse & Clean with Water

100% Leakproof Design

Guaranteed to not split open

We know what you're thinking. Wouldn't the Boba Straw easily split open and spill eveywhere? We've tested our Boba Straws thousands of times and can guarantee it won't, or your money back. 

The Boba Straw's patent pending Ziplock design features interlocking grooves and ridges that form a tight leakproof seal when pressed together. Drinking from the Boba Straw will feel just like any straw, you won't even notice a difference. 

Why the Boba Straw?

Looks Cute, does Better

Don't let the cuteness fool you, rolled up inside is the only reusable Boba Straw you'll ever need (And the only one you'll actually love and use too.) It's adorable & eco-friendly. No more excuses, Drink Boba, Sustainably. 

Easy & Convenient Cleaning

Hate cleaning? We do too. That's why we designed the Boba Straw to be super easy to clean. Simply just rinse it with water, dry it with a napkin and roll it back up into the cute Boba Straw case!

No "Funny" Taste

Nothing sucks more than having your Boba tea ruined by some funny taste from using a Metal Straws. We've tested the Boba Straw so many times we've all gained at least 5 pounds. We 100% guarantee your Boba tea will taste the same.

100% Spontaneous Proof

We get it, not all Boba runs are planned. We like to be spontaneous too. Easily have the Boba Straw handy with you anywhere you go. Attach one to your keys or leave one in your car, your bag or in your pocket.

How does the Boba Straw Compare?



Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 390 reviews
Piper Death
rlly great buy!!

very happy with my boba straw! its worth the money and is genuinely so practical and convenient!! <3

Callum Lee
Amazing product

My Girlfriend loved it

Amazing products

The products I ordered arrived on time. I am happy with the boba straws and the small keychain. I have not used the straws yet, but I will use it when I go to a boba shop.

It sucks! In the best way possible :)

I use my Boba Straw every weekend when I go get my fix of Matcha Bubble Tea, and I'm so happy that I convinced myself to get it! The straw works perfectly, and the case is super adorable.

It did split open once, but it was when some of the pearls got stuck together (as they warn in the FAQ), it was super easy to put it back together though.

5/5 would recommend!

Boba Tribe

Die Lieferung hat ungefähr 10-14 Tage nach Deutschland gedauert.
Ich habe 3 Strohalme für Freunde und mich bestellt. Als es ankam habe ich es direkt ausprobiert.

Es ist ein schönes und praktisches Geschenk für BubbleTea Liebhaber!!!

Man kann den Strohalm einfach nutzen und nach dem BubbleTea trinken im Anhänger/ Behälter lagern ohne das die Tasche dreckig wird. Die Spitze am Deckel zum abstechen vom Tee ist hilfreich. Man muss nur schnell ein Loch stechen. Zuhause kann man es sehr leicht reinigen. Viel besser uns ordentlich als bei Glass oder Metalstrohalmen
Eine 100% Empfehlung!