Boba Tea AirTag Keyring Case

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This cute Boba tea AirTag Keyring Case is the perfect sidekick to your new AirTag. It will stay firmly attached to your bag, backpack or your keys while following you on all of your daily adventures and travel.

It’s adorable yet thoughtful design features raised edges that helps keep your Airtag safely inside without being scratched or damaged. The open design keeps the elegant AirTag design and your personalized engravings exposed.

Add a touch of Bobalicious cuteness to anything you attach your AirTag to. We guarantee it will be impossible to ever lose anything again.


🧋 Designed and manufactured to provide a snug fit for your AirTag
🧋 Made from shock resistant Silicone material to protect your AirTag from any scratches or damages
🧋 Comes with a keychain so you can conveniently hook it to your bag, backpack or keys
🧋 Dimensions: 2 x 1.5 x 0.6 in (5.1 x 4 x 1.7 cm)

Please note: Apple AirTags are not included.

Warning: Choking hazard, small parts, not for children under 3 years.

Have You Seen The Patent-Pending Boba Straw?

Boba Tribe's Bestselling Product

Why the Boba Straw?

Loved by Thousands of Boba Lovers Worldwide

Introducing the Boba Straw

Finally a Reusable Straw that doesn't SUCK

With the Boba Straw, you literally will never have to use plastic, paper or other not-so-great reusable straws EVER AGAIN! We make this easy by designing the Boba Straw to be portable, convenient to use and super easy to clean. And as an added bonus, it comes with a cute Boba Straw keyring case so you can use it wherever and whenever you want!

How the Boba Straw works

Step 1

Open the Straw
Keyring case

Step 2

Unroll & Squeeze the
Straw together

Step 3

Poke a hole, Stir &
Enjoy your Boba tea!

Step 4

Disconnect the Straw, Rinse with Water, Air or Wipe Dry & Return to Case

Pro tip-When assembling your Boba Straw, connect either or both ends first before connecting the rest of the straw.

100% Leakproof Design

Guaranteed to not split open

We know what you're thinking. Wouldn't the Boba Straw easily split open and spill eveywhere? We've tested our Boba Straws thousands of times and can guarantee it won't, or your money back.

The Boba Straw's patent pending Ziplock design features interlocking grooves and ridges that form a tight leakproof seal when pressed together. Drinking from the Boba Straw will feel just like any straw, you won't even notice a difference

How does the Boba Other Straws Compare?


Does the cute Boba Tea Straw Case come with it?

Yes! The Boba Straw Case comes with the Boba Straw Keyring Set! We've designed the Straw case to be super cute so there won't be an excuse ever again to not take it with you everywhere.

What is the Boba Straw & the Straw Case Made of?

The Boba Straw is made of Food grade, Premium Silicone. The Straw Case is made of BPA Free Plastic.

Is it hard to assemble the Boba Straw together?

We promise, assembling the Boba Straw together isn't hard or take long at all (it's actually really satisfying for some reason, for us anyways). To assemble, you use a squeezing motion to connect both ends of the Boba Straw body together. It will take between 10-15 seconds to assemble.

Will it split open whilst drinking my Boba tea?

We've rigorously tested the Boba Straw and can promise that it won't spilt open and spill out. However, we would like to be upfront and honest. The only  time it ever opened up a tiny bit was when there were a huge clump of Boba Pearls stuck together and no matter how hard we sucked on the straw, the Boba pearls just didn't separate (this rarely happens). The pressure from constantly sucking really hard caused it to open up by a tiny bit.

How do I poke a hole through the plastic Film on top of the Boba tea?

Tucked under the lid of the Boba Tea Straw Case is a Poker tool that is sharp enough to penerate the Plastic film on top of the Boba Tea. Just like when you poke a hole using the plastic straw, depending on how much the Boba tea shop fills it up, a little spillage is unavoidable. We recommend gently poking a hole by slowly twisting the pointy end until it make a hole big enough to fit the Boba Straw through. 

Is it Dishwasher Safe?

Yep! The Boba Straw & the Straw Case are 100% Dishwasher safe!

Can I use it for Smoothies or Thickshakes too?

Hey, if you can drink Boba tea with it, you can drink anything with it! So the answer is a big YES! 

Can I use it for Hot or Warm drinks too?

We can confirm that our Boba Straws are perfect for Hot or Warm drinks as it is made with Food grade Silicone. We've personally used it to drink a Hot Boba Tea recently and it worked perfectly. 

How do I properly care for & clean my Boba Straw?

After each use, rinse it with water and dry it off with a napkin. When you get home you can wash it with the dishwasher. Or just wash it with soap and air dry it. 

Will you be releasing more colors?

Yes we definitely will be releasing more Straw colors in the near future. We are also looking to release different color designs for the straw case too. Keep a look out for it!


What's Included in the Boba Straw Keyring Set?

1x Reusable Boba Straw

1x Adorable Boba Straw Keyring Case


The Boba Straw

Length: 8.6 in x Width: 0.54 in (22 cm x 1.38 cm)  

Inner Diameter: 0.47 in (1.2 cm)

The Boba Straw Keyring Case

Length: 2.2 in x Width: 1.61 in (5.6 cm x 4.1 cm)  


The Boba Straw:  Premium Food grade Silicone (LFGB Standard)

Boba Straw Keyring Case:  BPA Free Plastic

Hear From Some Of Our Happy Customers!

Customer Reviews

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Priska Bentil

Boba Tea AirTag Keyring Case

Kristen C.

Honestly! I love this thing, super cute, easy to clean, and the Airtag fit perfectly. I am so happy I ordered one! The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it gets dirty easily, and I’m afraid of the long term effect. I’m also a little nervous because the whole thing is made with the same material - including where the chain connects. I’m a little nervous with the wrong tug it could just break. 😅 That’s not the creator’s fault really, but honestly would recommend!