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Boba Straw Keyring Set



Elevate Your Boba Experience with the Ultimate Boba Straw Keyring Set! 

Are you ready to take your Boba obsession to the next level?

Say hello to the Boba Straw Keyring Set, the must-have accessory for every dedicated Boba enthusiast. It's not just a straw; it's a statement, a lifestyle, and a conversation starter.

Unleash the Boba Lover in You! 🌟

Unlock the full spectrum of Boba joy with our exclusive set, featuring:

🌈 The Boba Straw: Our foldable masterpiece, available in crystal-clear elegance, ready to transform your sips into pure delight.

🔑 Gold Keychain: Attach it to your purse, backpack, keys, or wherever you desire, proudly flaunting your Boba passion.

🎉 Boba Carrying Case: Nestled within the keychain, choose your flavor - from the captivating 🍓Strawberry, the exotic 🍠Taro, the serene 🍵Matcha, to the timeless Classic Milk Tea. Each case is a work of art, designed to cradle your Boba Straw with care.

🧷 Boba Piercing Lid: The perfect companion for your Boba adventures, ensuring every sip is pure bliss.

Why Choose the Boba Straw Keyring Set? 🌠

Elevate Your Style: Be the envy of your Boba-loving friends with this stylish and functional accessory.

Eco-Friendly Delight: Say goodbye to wasteful single-use plastic straws and embrace sustainability with our reusable Boba Straw.

Teeth-Friendly Fun: Sip away without worries; our soft, gentle straw won't harm your precious teeth.

Effortless Cleaning: The Boba Straw easily splits open, making cleaning a breeze.

Leak-Proof Brilliance: Our innovative zip-lock design ensures no messy mishaps.

Quality Meets Passion 🌟

Crafted with love for all Boba lovers:

🥤 Straw made of food-grade, premium silicone
♻️ BPA-free plastic case
🧽 All parts are dishwasher safe for your convenience

Dimensions that Fit Your Lifestyle 📏

Case: Length - 2.2 in x Width - 1.61 in (5.6 cm x 4.1 cm)
Straw: Inner diameter - 0.47 in (1.2 cm), Length - 8.6 in x Width - 0.54 in (22 cm x 1.38 cm)

Warning: 🚫 Contains sharp objects; not suitable for children as a toy.

But that's not all!

When you make the Boba Straw Keyring Set yours, you join the exclusive ranks of our FREE Boba Tribe VIP Membership.

Here's a taste of the perks waiting for you:

 Stay In-the-Know: Access the latest Bobalicious news, trends, and innovations.

 VIP-Exclusive Advantages: Enjoy members-only privileges and exclusive flash sales, crafted with you in mind.

💰 Savings Galore: Access exclusive discounts tailored especially for Boba lovers.

📖 Exclusive Boba Lover's Guide: Dive into our coveted "Boba Lover's Guide," packed with mouthwatering Boba recipes, tantalizing food pairings, and a curated selection of Boba merchandise that will make your heart skip a beat. Note: This is a downloadable PDF guide and will be sent to your email upon purchase.

Don't just sip Boba; make a statement. Elevate your Boba game with the Boba Straw Keyring Set - because Boba is more than a drink; it's a lifestyle!

Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set
Boba Straw Keyring Set

Boba Straw Keyring Set


Loved by Thousands of Boba Lovers Worldwide

How the Boba Straw works

Step 1

Open the Straw
Keyring case

Step 2

Unroll & Squeeze theStraw together

Step 3

Poke a hole, Stir &
Enjoy your Boba tea!

Step 4

Disconnect the Straw, Rinse with Water, Air or Wipe Dry & Return to Case

Pro tip-When assembling your Boba Straw, connect
either or both ends first before connecting the rest of the

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