Thank you for visiting our Store and welcome to the Boba Tribe.  

At Boba Tribe, our goal is to design unique Boba tea (Bubble tea) inspired Gifts and Merchandises that recreate the same joyous and happy feelings experienced when drinking Boba tea. Through our brand, we want to further help grow the community of people who share the same love and passion for Boba tea. 

The team behind Boba Tribe was born in Taiwan but grew up in Australia. The creation of Boba Tribe is our way of paying homage to this iconic beverage by further promoting it to the rest of the world.    

Although we didn’t invent Boba tea, seeing it being enjoyed by people from all walks of life, cultures, ethnicity, ages and genders makes us feel proud of our Asian heritage, especially when we grew up in a western country.

If you love our brand and our products, please help us share it with your friends and family and help grow the Boba Tribe.