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You are now officially fighting for our environment with every sip of Boba tea with your Boba Straw

First time use instructions

We know you're super excited to test out your Boba Straw
Before initial use please follow these instructions 

Wash your Boba Straw using warm water and mild dishwashing soap or liquid 

Boil a pot of hot water and soak your Boba Straw inside the boiling water for 30 seconds to sanitize 

Let your Boba Straw air dry before storing it inside the Boba Straw Case. 

CAUTION: Keep away from children

How to use

IMPORTANT: When assembling your Boba Straw. Connect either end first before connecting the rest of your straw together. Please do not start from the middle or anywhere else as it will not work. 

Open the Straw
Keyring case

Unroll & Squeeze the
Straw together. Use one hand to guide the Boba Straw together and the other to squeeze the Boba Straw together

Poke a hole, Stir &
Enjoy your Boba tea!

Disconnect the Straw,
Rinse & Clean with Water

Usage & Care Guidelines

When you're out and about, thoroughly rinse off your Boba Straw and dry with a Napkin or Paper Towel. If you used your Boba Straw Lid piercing tool, rinse it off thoroughly too. Make sure your Boba Straw and Boba Straw Case is completely dry before putting them away. 

When you get home, give your Boba Straw and Boba Straw Case a quick wash with detergent to get rid of any Bacteria build up and let them air ary. You can use a Dishwasher too but let it air dry. 

Every 2-4 weeks, boil a pot of hot water and soak your Boba Straw inside the boiling water for 30 seconds to Sanitise.

Please be careful with the Piercing Tip under the Boba Straw case, although it's not super sharp, it can cause injuries if not careful!



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