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Boba Tea Straw Set

Boba Tea Straw Set

The World's First Foldable Reusable Boba Straw


Boba tea Lovers rejoice, finally a Reusable Straw big enough for you to enjoy your Boba tea whilst small enough to fit in your pocket, bag or attached to your keys.

  • Eco-friendly Reusable Boba Straw

  • Simply rinse with water to clean

  • Built-in Boba piercing tip

  • Food-grade Silicone & BPA Free

  • Convenient to use & portable

FREE Boba Milk Tea Keyring (Valued at $8.99 USD) with EACH Boba Straw you Pre-order! So if you order 4x Boba Straws, you'll get 4 Boba Milk Tea Keyrings FREE!

Estimated Fulfilment date: 30th July - 6th August 2021.

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Some Boba Spilling Statistics...


Plastic Straws in the Ocean


Plastic Straws used in US Each Day


Years for Plastic to degrade

Reusable Straws are great but...

They are all kind of suck. Metal straws can easily chip your teeth. Glass Straws can easily shatter and leave your mouth full of glass shards. Paper straws turn into a soggy and unusable mess after just 15 minutes of use. And what do Bamboo straws have in common with all the other Reusable Straws? They aren't portable, hard to clean and leaves a "funny" taste in your mouth. But don't worry, we've designed something amazing, like really amazing..

Drink Boba, Sustainably

We’re sure you’ve all seen those depressing photos and videos of plastic straws being found in all sorts of marine life. Using the Boba Straw allows you to enjoy your Boba tea without a guilty conscience. Say “No thanks” to single-use plastics and make a positive impact on the environment now!

Why the Boba Straw?

Looks Cute, Does Better

Don't let the cuteness fool you, rolled up inside is the only reusable Boba Straw you'll ever need (And the only one you'll actually love and use too.) It's adorable & eco-friendly. No more excuses, Drink Boba, Sustainabily. 

Just rinse with Water

Hate cleaning? We do too. That's why we designed the Boba Straw to be super easy to clean. Simply just rinse it with water, dry it with a napkin and roll it back up into the cute Boba Straw case!

No "Funny" Taste

Nothing sucks more than having your Boba tea ruined by some funny taste from using a Metal or Silicone Straw. We've tested the Boba Straw so many times we've all gained at least 5 pounds of weight. We 100% guarantee your Boba tea will taste the same.

100% Spontaneous Proof

We get it, not all Boba runs are planned. We like to be spontaneous too. Easily have the Boba Straw handy with you anywhere you go. Attach one to your keys or leave one in your car, your bag or in your pocket.

How does the Boba Straw Compare?

How to use

Open the Straw case

Unroll & Connect the Straw together

Poke a hole, Stir & Enjoy your Boba tea!

Disconnect the Straw,  Rinse & Clean with Water


Does the cute Boba Tea Straw Case come with it?

Yes it does! We've designed the Straw case to be super cute so there won't be an excuse ever again to not take it with you everywhere.

What is the Boba Straw & the Straw Case Made of?

The Boba Straw is made of Food grade, Premium Silicone. The Straw Case is made of BPA Free Plastic.

Is it hard to assemble the Boba Straw together & how long will it take?

We promise, putting the Boba Straw together isn't hard to assemble or take long at all (it's actually really satisfying for some reason, for us anyways). To assemble, you use a squeezing motion to connect both ends of the Boba Straw body together. It will take between 10-15 seconds to assemble.

Will it split open whilst drinking my Boba tea?

We've rigorously tested the Boba Straw and can promise that it won't spilt open and spill out. However, we would like to be upfront and honest. The only one time it ever opened up a tiny bit is when there were a huge clump of Boba Pearls stuck together and no matter how hard we sucked on the straw, the Boba pearls just didn't separate (this rarely happens). The pressure from constantly sucking really hard caused it to open up by a tiny bit.

How do I poke a hole through the Plastic Film on top of the Boba tea?

Tucked under the lid of the Boba Tea Straw Case is a Poker tool that is sharp enough to penerate the Plastic film on top of the Boba Tea. Just like when you poke a hole using the plastic straw, depending on how much the Boba tea shop fills it up, a little spillage is unavoidable. We recommend gently poking a hole by slowly twisting the pointy end until it make a hole big enough to fit the Boba Straw through. 

Is it Dishwasher Safe?

Yep! The Boba Straw & the Straw Case are 100% Dishwasher safe!

Can I use it for Smoothies or Thickshakes too?

Hey, if you can drink Boba tea with it, you can drink anything with it! So the answer is a big YES! 

How do I properly care for & clean my Boba Straw?

After each use, rinse it with water and dry it off with a napkin. When you get home you can wash it with the dishwasher. Or just wash it with soap and air dry it. 

Will you be releasing more colors? 

Yes we definitely will be releasing more Straw colors in the near future. We are also looking to release different color designs for the straw case too. Keep a look out for it!


What's included?

  • 1x Reusable Boba Straw

  • 1x Adorable Boba Straw Case


Boba Straw:

  • Length: 8.6 in x Width: 0.54 in (22 cm x 1.38 cm)  

  • Inner Diameter: 0.47 in (1.2 cm)

Boba Straw Case:

  • Length: 2.2 in x Width: 1.61 in (5.6 cm x 4.1 cm)  


  • Boba Straw: Premium Food grade Silicone

  • Boba Straw Case:BPA Free Plastic