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Looking for the perfect birthday gift for that friend who is OBSESSED with Boba tea? We’ve got you covered! We partnered with our friends over at Pearly to give you 10 unique Boba tea-related gifts your friend will love! Whether they're in need of a new sweater, a scented candle, or some new straws to drink boba from, our guide has it all. Enjoy!

  1. Boba Tea Straw Set

    Struggling to find the perfect gift for "that" friend who's got everything already? Then the Boba straw is the perfect gift for them! I mean come on, a reusable Boba straw rolled up into a cute little keyring case? How can this not be the best gift they ever got? Not only are you getting them something they will actually love and use but they'll also be reducing the amount of single-use plastic waste they use! So you're literally be saving Sea Turtles too! 🐢 Talk about good gifting karma right!?

    Buy a straw set for only $16.99 here

  2. DIY Boba Tea Kit

    Not sure if your friend is ready for a whole bubble tea kit? Why not treat them to a boba straw set instead? If they go to boba shops often, they probably throw out tons of plastic straws. Single-use plastics suck after all! Each straw comes with a cute carrying case and has a pointed edge for popping boba tea seals.

    Gift a Boba tea kit starting at $24

  3. Boba Tea Gift Card 

    What better way to celebrate a birthday than with some boba? Give your friends a gift card to some of their favorite shops, and promise them you’ll go with them to get a drink! If you’re not sure what shop they like the most, getting a Door Dash or Uber Eats gift card is always a safe option.

    Gift Cards: Boba Guys| Kung Fu Tea | Door Dash | Uber Eats

  4. Cozy Boba Hoodie

    There’s no better way to show off your love of Boba than with a cute Boba hoodie. It’s so comfy they’ll never want to take it off.

    Get your Boba hoodie here

  5. Boba Tea Plush

    Quite possibly the cutest gift on the internet. The plush is soft, cuddly, and brightens up any room with its cute and friendly eyes. We suggest buying two, ecause you’ll have a hard time gifting this one away 🤩

    Only $12.99 on Amazon

  6. Boba Mini Backpack

    Who needs a purse when you have an adorable Boba-themed backpack? It’s compact yet spacious, leaving room for all of your friend’s essentials. But wait, there’s more! The bag can be worn three different ways: as a backpack, crossbody, or as a shoulder bag.

    Shop the Boba mini backpack here for $50

  7. Boba Wall Art

    Etsy is a gold mine for handmade, adorable gifts made by small businesses. There are dozens of cute paintings to choose from. Our personal favorite is the Demon Slayer Boba Tea crossover!

    Lots of options available on Etsy starting from just $5!

  8. Reusable Boba Tumbler

    Does your friend like to make homemade Boba? Help them complete the boba tea look with this cute tumbler set. The set includes cups, lids, straws, and sleeves in a lavender purple 💜

    Buy on Amazon for $22.99 here

  9. Boba Rug

    The perfect home-office or dorm room addition! Brighten up their working space and keep their feet warm and cozy with this cute boba-themed rug!

    $39.99 on Amazon here

  10. Boba Candle

    This one’s for the candle lovers. You know who they are. Introduce a new scent into their house they never knew was possible, BOBA.

    Shop the BOBA candle here


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