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Do you ever get stressed about finding the perfect gift for someone that just seems to have everything they need already?

Don’t worry, we’ve done the hardwork for you and curated this special list of Cute Boba themed gift ideas for you.

We guarantee that this is going to be the cutest and most unique items that you can find in this World.

1. Boba Mini Backpack

No other Backpacks had ever made us fall in love with it quite like this Boba Mini backpack (We know it seems like we’re being biased cause we designed it but this is literally all of our customer's reactions).

Available for $49.99 here.

2. Boba Milk Tea AirPods Case

If you, your Boba Bae or your Bubble tea obsessed friend is clumsy, always damaging and losing things, this Cute Boba Milk tea AirPods case is the perfect gift. Not only is it the cutest accessory for the boring white AirPods, but it also protects the AirPods and makes it impossible to ever lose it again.

Available for $15.99 here.

3. Boba Milk Tea Keyring 

What’s the best way to remind someone of you and show them how much you mean to them? It’s simple, get a cute matching Boba Milk Tea Keyring with them.

Available for $8.99 here.

4. Boba Milk Tea Scented Air Fresheners

Do you ever get a ride in your friend or family’s car and it smells really funky? Get them this Boba Milk tea Scented Air Freshener, it’s the nicest and cutest way possible to let your friend know that their car smells a bit funky. Who wouldn’t want to have their car smelling like a Boba tea shop on 4 wheels?

Available from $11.99 here

5. Boba is Life Apparel line

Boba is Life, it’s the motto you live by everyday so why not wear it with pride? It’s also the perfect gift for your Boba Bae, Boba Squad or your Bubble tea obsessed friend – whenever they wear it, it will remind them of you.

Available from $24.99 here

6. Boba Milk Tea iPhone Case

Do you ever get someone a gift and never see them use it? Well now they can’t ever hide not using the gift you got them anymore. Phones are pretty much glued to everyone’s hands these days. This cute Boba Tea iPhone case is the cutest and most practical gift for anyone.

Available for $24.99 here.

7. Boba Milk Tea Laptop Sleeve

There’s nothing more thoughtful then getting that special someone this Cute Boba Milk Tea Laptop Sleeve. Not only does it protect their expensive and precious Laptop, but this cute Boba milk tea Pattern will definitely brighten up their day and remind them of that special someone who gifted them this.

Available for $34.99 here.

8. Churro Boba Candle

Although this candle doesn’t smell like Boba tea, it certainly caught our attention as being one of the most perfect gifts. If we wanted someone for our next birthday, this will definitely be one of the items we would want. The body of the Candle is a blend of cinnamon sugar churros and sweet cream. When the Boba pearls are burnt, it releases a new Marshmallow scent (How cool is that!?) 

Available for $31.30 here.

9. Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Earrings

If the person you’re stressing about getting a gift for is an ABG or an LG, this might be the most ABG/LG thing to get them. They are such well made to the point we mistook them for being actually Brown Sugar Boba Milk tea.

Available for $5.50 here.

10. Boba Bear Enamel Pin

This Boba Bear Enamel Pin might be the cutest we’ve ever seen and as soon as we saw it, we thought about like 10 people we could gift this to. 

Available for $12.00 here.


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