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June 2023

Most of us have heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” and in this similar spirit of forming a connection to your food, we are introducing the concept of “vibing with your boba.” Your boba may say something about you or your day.

After making a decision to treat yourself to boba, you may already know what delicious flavor you want or you are still deciding your order. Either way, you will be choosing your boba just the way you like it. 

There are many different boba flavors depending on what is offered at your local boba shop. Here are the possible vibes of six popular flavors you may choose to order. 

Milk Tea 🧋Classic expression of “I am an original” and proudly boasting the "if it ain't broken, why fix it" vibe!

Matcha Tea 🍵 Going green with antioxidants has never tasted so good. Looking to roll with something sweet and up lifting. Giving a healthy vibe!

Taro Root 🥔 Reigning champion of cool and different. Not afraid to attract some questions or compliments on the color. Loving the color and taste vibe!

Milk Coffee Best of both worlds, looking like the classic but tasting like a rebel! This may also give you that extra boost only coffee can give. Packing a “secret weapon punch” vibe!

Strawberry or Other Fruit Flavor 🍓 Home run with a run of all the bases! You are scoring one of the food groups. Having fruit in a way that screams dessert. Triple threat of healthy, sweet and fun vibe! 

Special Order 🤔 Freedom never tasted so sweet! You literally could add whatever you want. For example, ordering a dirty matcha almond lychee boba shouts a “I am happy and I know what I like” vibe!

Hope this helps you decide on what boba vibe you are ordering or reinforces what you already know! With your boba drink in hand, you are ready to seize the vibe of the day proudly. Go socialize over drinks or enjoy some quiet time! The choice is all yours. 

Have a bobalicious day!   
Clara, Boba Tribe

Friendly Reminders:

  • Thanks for reading our blog & showing an interest in our products. Hope they make you smile. 

  • Think green by recycling, repurposing, or reusing. ie: bring your own reusable straw or cup for your boba order. 

  • In addition to choosing your boba flavor, you may adjust your cup size, ice level, and sugar level in every order. 


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